Belief and faith

I was explaining to a friend yesterday how I viewed divine revelations. Things such as synchronicities, signs, and etc.

I mentioned parallelomania as a counter to such beliefs.

As a deist–if there is a higher power–it works within the confines of the laws it set forth mainly so each person’s belief is relevant to them only and can be doubted by others. The takeaway is you’re wasting your breath if you’re trying to give a witness–or testimony–to others of your “proof”. The religious experience makes for good stories but is unique and relevant to each person specifically.

In other words you can’t convince others. The way reality is setup there is a deistic veil where everything can be doubted that requires faith to traverse through (i.e. parallelomania vs synchronicity). It’s up to the person having the experience (i.e. seeing the signs) if they want to believe, take them at their percieved face value, and act on them or dismiss them as mere coincidences. It is this choice that determines if the person is going to live a spiritual life or not.

If a deistic power existed, there will always be two explanations for things, a doubtable non spiritual one and a spiritual one (or more accurately pantheism), both are valid, existing on opposite sides of a pane of glass not capable of seeing the other, but the mind (aka eternal soul) can percieve the acausal connections between events that paint a larger picture (i.e. via archetypes).

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