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Atheist Church

While I jumped on the bandwagon of “yay! Atheist Church!” I had to breath a few times and analyze why I was excited.

I was excited because…

Atheism usually means the lack of religious convictions from politics. It involves reason and calm analysis. If we’re lucky, we get humanist ideals that surface.

Religion… well religion is a crapshoot until it “evolves” to accept humanist ideals.

Either way… one thing I miss about Church is… community.

So that’s why I got excited. I would love to be part of something that is greater than myself. Something that is positive, uplifting, and builds a sense of community. “Why should religion get the monopoly?”

Anyways, I’m a Deist, who believes God is evident through reality, but not necessarily defined within any religion. I do believe that the ideals of Deism pour into Humanism. Which to be honest isn’t really a true connection.

I feel God is running a simulation IF ANYTHING, and doesn’t want to interfere. I think we’re one giant social experiment (imagine sociology * psychology). Whatever the end result is, is what humanity decides. However, humanity came up with this idea of religion, and politics, and logic, and science… where does it go? Hopefully it evolves into humanism. I think that’s the end goal. Whether religion or not.

Which brings me to Deism.

If we can achieve that, if we can derive that from our own internal experience, we will have graduated (any Mormon’s here?) to our own understanding of how the Universe “could” be. I.e. humanism.

Anyways… Here’s an atheist church that is going to be running in LA hopefully. Which ironically is being started by a Universalist Unitarian (which I think is funny… why didn’t get just go Deist, or maybe he was, but jumped on a bandwagon, like myself).»-Atheism-starts-its-megachurch_-Is-it-a-religion-now_-»-Print-Salon.pdf

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